A group of close friends in their late 70s have remained connected since kindergarten, and they’ve done it without the help of social media.

They call themselves the Kindergarten Crew. In 1946 they found each other at Garfield Elementary School in Washington, DC. 

While three of their members have passed, seven remain: Arrington Dixon, 77, Hudie Fleming, 79, Ronald Chase, 77, William Hutchins, 79, Orlando Lee, 78, James Strickland, 79, and Norman Thomas, 79.

In 1988, after the members who went away to the military returned, the group made a commitment to get together, every month, on the second Thursday for fellowship and fun. 31 years later, their standing date is still intact. 

During their most recent gathering the group was surprised by the son of one of their members, Bill Lee. As a photographer he knew that it was important to document what he called “Black history.”

Each month when they get together , time stops for a few hours for them to reconnect and eat lunch.

We just tell stories and tell jokes and a few falsehoods every now and then.

When we asked Mr. Lee why their gatherings are still important and what others who see their photos or hear their story can learn, his answer was simple.

There’s a journey that we’re all on and it’s better to be connected in that journey.

[Source: becauseofthemwecan.com]