Kanye West reportedly paid over half a million dollars for a set of dentures.

But these are not any regular dentures, he reportedly spent $850,000 on dentures that include palladium and platinum materials. The implants are known as ‘fixed-prosthodontics’ and he designed them with the assistance of medical and dental experts.


A source told Pag:

They are, as the name suggests, fixed and permanent, but this goes way beyond veneers or grills.

He worked alongside the so-called ‘Father of Diamond Dentistry’, Dr Thomas Connelly, who manufactured and fitted the dentures. The rapper took to his Instagram Story to show his 18.7 million followers his new look, comparing himself to James Bond villain Jaws, who had similar metal implants in the action films.

The ex-husband of Kim Kardashian has had a long history with his teeth, after revealing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010 that he had replaced all of his bottom teeth with diamonds.

He told the host:

I just thought that diamonds were cooler.

And it looks as though his eldest daughter, North West, is following in his footsteps.

North posed with some new dental jewellery this week on TikTok, where she creates videos with her mega-star mum.

Her flashy diamond look was similar to one of Kim’s in 2021, where she had teeth covered in opal and diamonds.

[Source: UNILAD]