It’s about time we break the cycle.

Now there’s no doubt that we all have been to family functions. You get to meet your family, and just have a good time and catch up with everyone. But with every bright day come rainy days, and in this case, your things or stuff go missing out of the ordinary, especially your shoes/flipflops.

So here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind next time you’re going to a family event.

1. Mark your shoes.

Always mark your shoes with a dot or a shape using a Sharpie. Some people even go the extra mile and carve their shoes with a knife so that they’re not identical to the others.

2. Sit on it

We can never be too careful when heading out of the house with our new flashy shoes, and if you’re going to a grog session, you might want to take it with you and sit on it.

3. Put it in your bag

Simple. If you don’t want your shoes to go missing at a family function, put them in your bag and keep your bag next to you.

But, if you happen to lose your shoes in an ocean of toe jams and half-chipped sneakers, take one. Thank them later.