Justin Timberlake was the subject of laughs and derision on social media after his dance performance over the weekend in Washington, DC, didn’t live up to expectations.

via: New York Post

Justin Timberlake may need to call his choreographer. The 41-year-old musician stopped by Something in the Water music festival in Washington, D.C., on Saturday where he was caught grooving to the Beat Ya Feet dance, which has been popular in the area for more than 20 years.

However, fans were not impressed with the “Cry Me A River” crooner’s dance moves on stage.

Timberlake donned casual khaki pants, orange sneakers and a green button-down for his performance. Videos of him shaking his body went viral and, of course, users on Twitter couldn’t help but give their two cents.

Someone else made fun of his chosen attire.



Oh man.