A man vacationing in Thailand has been caught on camera shaving a local barber’s head in revenge for the bad haircut he got.

The shocking footage that had been trending online for over a week shows a man getting a haircut at the Salute Barbershop. According to eyewitnesses, he walked into the shop and explained to one of the barbers how he wanted his hair cut using hand gestures because he didn’t speak very good English.

At one point, the man, who was later identified as a Russian tourist, looked into the mirror and got angry over the botched haircut. He started slamming his fists on the table and swearing at the barber, before picking up the scissors and shaving part of his fringe as revenge.

You crazy mother f*****,

the unnamed man can be heard shouting in the video.

I showed you. What the f***. Where are my bangs? What the f***.

The Russian man grabs a pair of clippers and shaves part of the Thai barber’s fringe before quickly storming out of the barbershop without paying for his haircut. The whole scene left both the staff and the other clients speechless.

What would you do if it happened to you?