It’s been a while since Drix has gone up the mountain, but as for our Bunene Joey, next week will be the first time she will ever attempt the trail

She’s a bit nervous, especially with the old knee injury she received during a Netball tournament back in the day

So we decided to consult with our hero / good friend of ours, the one and only ‘Alex Elbourne’ (Legend FM Breakfast Show Host)

Alex is a regular when it comes to hiking up Mount Korobaba with his family, and we wanted to prepare ourselves mentally


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So who better to give us advice than Alex

So the climb is gonna basically be a gradual climb until you start getting closer to the top

That’s when things will start to get interesting and I’m sure everyone who has gone up will agree

The last stages of hiking up the mountain are pretty challenging due to just how steep the mountain gets


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It’s a good thing the tree roots are there to serve as support to help you pull yourself up

But after all that struggle, reaching the summit and gazing upon the beauty of which you have worked so hard for, marking your achievement, will definitely be worth it,


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Here’s a video of Alex giving us advice and tips